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Overwatch Reinhardt Hammer Down
Tumblr / Instagram / Twitter


Also click the link above to follow me on Insta. I don't check my notes on DA that often anymore. But I always answer back on Instagram :)
Yowamushi PEDAL Sprinters
Tumblr / Instagram / Twitter

Here's the second part to my Yowamushi Pedal print featuring the OG Sprinters from team Sohoku and Hakogaku! I love Naruko bc he rides Pinarello (one of my childhood dream bikes). Also a super fanboy of the Shinkai bros because I am also a Cervelo rider. So I put him in the front :3

If you want to buy this from me at an upcoming con just HMU in advance bc I don't usually carry this print anymore.

Yowamushi pedal climbers

Throwback to something I did during S2 of YWPD (Yowamushi Pedal). The fandom died quite a bit after S1/S2 which makes me sorta sad. I was super into biking back before YWPD and actually fell out of cycling for 3 years due to a really bad knee injury. ywpd gave me a reason to get back on my bike!

Overwatch Dva
Tumblr / Instagram / Twitter

NERF THIS! Here's my drawing of DVA from last summer! I might draw one of  her alternate skins (maybe the lunar new year, or anniversary skin... hmmm what do you think?) She has sooo many good legendaries omg



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LexisSketches Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017
Hey there, saw your table at anime next!! My friend got a print from you and your style is sick!!
Lonewolff242 Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
you are fantastic! i have a supergirl and a doctor who print framed on my wall that you had done! i got one from Tora Con and 1 from Comic Con Niagara Falls CA a few years ago.  Love your artwork
genosgrande Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016
Do you still post here?
PacificSnow Featured By Owner May 1, 2016  Professional Artist
I sent you a note.  We met at anime expo and fanime.  I bought several prints from you for the last 3 years.  You're a fantastic artist.  I would love to get into contact with you, we've talked several times at various conventions.

Rubyeyesstop Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
I am curious when you created the original Naruto - Eternal Rivalry work?  I know that I bought it at the 2008 Otakon in Baltimore from the gallery in a large ~ 14 x 20.5 format with a frame.  I hadn't been able to find much info on it and had given up until recently.  I was just wondering if that was something you submitted or if you had any info on it?
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